Top 6 Advantages Of Online Education

Top 6 Advantages Of Online Education

The education system is changing day by day, perhaps we will see a completely new educational system in coming decades. Online education is bringing a big revolution in the educational system. With the help of online education study material or learning resources are easily available in our hand. The interesting part is most them are available for absolutely free. There are many advantages of online education, in this context, we will discuss only the major parts.
If you search for such good and reputed educational sites then:

#1 Lower total costs:

One of the main advantages of online education are, it reduces the total cost of education. Because the online program can be a more affordable option than traditional colleges.
For example, there are no communicating costs and no required of course material such as textbooks because those materials are often available for free online in the form of soft copy.

#2 More comfortable learning environment:

Personally, I prefer this advantages of online education. Because it is more comfortable learning environment than a traditional educational system. I am sure you will definitely agree with me.
Lectures and others study materials are electronically sent to the students who will then read them and complete assignments. The student will not have to fight traffic, find parking spaces, live work, early to go classes or miss important family time.

#3 Continue in your profession:

Online education helps to save a lot of valuable time and its flexibility allow you to continue your profession. The student who is working in different organizations can study more and more with the help of online education along with their works. This is really cool advantages of online education for professionals. Students in online education can take classes at any time in 24 hours. So the online education system is beneficial for every person.

#4 Networking opportunities:

With online education, you get the opportunity to network with individuals all around the country even around the world whereas on-campus program typically limits you to our small local area.

#5 Better for the woman:

The benefits of online education to a woman it’s more than men for the reason that woman faces many difficulties in learning such as transportation etc. So with the help of online education woman can get higher education at their doorstep.

#6 No pressure like traditional education:

Online education is more flexible than traditional education. It is totally pressured free from our social life. You can learn from anywhere in the world even you could learn when you traveling by bus or cabs.
Traditional education is tedious. You have to do everything in time. If you miss an important class in traditional education you will not know what others student learn. But in online education, there is no chance to miss any lesson. Everything is in your hand whenever you get the time you can see any lectures among many lectures.

Finally, I would like to say that the future of online education is bright.Although there is a disadvantage also but advantages of online education is stronger than it’s limitation The reason behind this is that student wants comfortable learning. In these days students want to read books on laptop or tablet and the professor is on a computer or on mobile. So they can pause their event and stop their professor with the help of online education.
How to Design And Edit Any Web Page From A Browser

How to Design And Edit Any Web Page From A Browser

Do you know, you can edit any web page from a browser directly? Yes, you can do it right from your chrome browser using Developer Tools. This does not only work for chrome browser but also work for other standard browsers like Firefox and Safari. In this article, we will use only chrome browser. You can not only just edit any web page you can also design that web page.In this tutorial,
You can not only just edit any web page you can also design that web page.In this tutorial, I will show you these steps how to design and edit any web page from a browser. Just you need to know some basic of HTML and CSS. If you don’t have basic about this topic then you can check They have a great tutorial about HTML and CSS and it is enough for beginners.

How to edit any web page from a browser?

How to design a web page from a browser?

Remember you can edit any web page from a browser but this change is not permanent. When you reload the browser you will see it’s default design or default text. This option is helpful for learning purpose. If you chang some certain element or design, then how it will appear in the browser you can check it directly from your browser. One who is learning web development or designing it is good practice to use Developer Tools for them. It will help you to learn faster.
How To Configure MailPoet WordPress Newsletter Plugin Step By Step

How To Configure MailPoet WordPress Newsletter Plugin Step By Step

MailPoest newsletter plugin for WordPress provides the free email marketing services. Which you can control from your WordPress sites directly. It allows you to add subscription form in the widgets section to manage your subscriber. MailPoet is the absolutely free plugin you can operate a bunch of stuff like managing subscriber, creating a newsletter, send newsletter and also you can do your custom design form. In this WordPress tutorial, we will see how to configure MailPoet WordPress newsletter plugin. You don’t need to install any other plugin to avail this services.
Now we will set up MailPoet newsletter step by step:

MailPoet installation:

Configure MailPoet WordPress newsletter plugin:

MailPoet “Forms” set up:

Signup confirmation settings:

  • After saving the forms click on the “List of forms”
  • Now click on the “Signup conformation” tab
  • Rewrite the default text if you wish to do that
  • Now “Save settings”

“Send with…” set up:

  • Now go to “Send with..” tab
  • Select any one of them “Your own website” or “Third party”
  • Choose delivery method
  • You may check “Test method”. Just click on “Send a test mail” that will send a test mail to your inbox.
  • If do not understand the above settings then leave it default.
  • Save Settings


  • Got to “Advanced” tab
  • Select “Roles and permissions”
  • Set “Reply-to name & email”
  • choose “Bounce Email” if you wish
  • Set up “Subscribers can edit their profile” according to your choice
  • Otherwise, leave it all default
  • Now click on “Save settings”

Configure MailPoet WordPress newsletter plugin Subscribers list:

  • Click on “Subscribers” on the MailPoet panel
  • The go to “Edit Lists” option
  • You will see default list “My first list”. You may delete that default list or edit it.
  • Let us edit this default list and give named it “Smallseoblog Subscribers”
  • Rewrite the “Description” 
  • Now click on “Update list”

Add subscriber manually:

Adding signup forms to the sidebar:

Note: Before going further now at first check the signup form. Go to your website and fill the signup form and click on “Subscribe” button to check the form is working correctly. If the form is working correctly then you will get an email notification from your website in your inbox.

Newsletter configuration:

Add Themes:

Add images:

Set you own styles:

Add social bookmarks:

  • Go to “Content” besides images tab
  • Drag and drop “Social bookmarks” where you want to show your social media links
  • Add your social media links in the given area
  • Choose the social media icon
  • Then click on “Done”

Send preview:

When all set up is completed then its time to check the email configure correctly. So now we will check a preview.

Send the email to the subscriber:

This is the final step and we will configure MailPoet WordPress newsletter plugin. Now, we will send the email to the subscribers. Although if your newsletter is not ready then save it as a draft.
Here is link to a sample newsletter which setup using MailPoet: Sample Newsletter

MailPoet is a great free newsletter services provider. If you have a small subscriber list then free version of MailPoset is good for you, otherwise, go for the premium version. So we configure MailPoet WordPress newsletter plugin correctly, still if you have any doubt regarding newsletter set up mention it in the comment section.
How To Add Facebook Like Button to WordPress Website Complete Guide

How To Add Facebook Like Button to WordPress Website Complete Guide

Facebook is the world’s biggest and most successful social media. Currently, Facebook has almost 1.87 billion monthly users which are increased almost 17% from the previous year. Almost 1.23 billion people log into Facebook daily. A Huge amount of traffic Facebook gets from all over the world. So if you promote your WordPress website on Facebook, think about it how much traffic you will be able to bring your website. Fortunately, Facebook creates a Like button or share button to like or share your website on Facebook.In this WordPress tutorial, we will see how to add Facebook like button to WordPress website.
We can add Facebook like button to WordPress website two ways:
  1. Manually (using Facebook developer like plugin)
  2. Using Facebook Like Box Widget plugin

#1 Add Facebook like button to WordPress website manually:

At first, we will see how we can add facebook like button to WordPress website manually using the Facebook developer like plugin.

Like button on header section:

Like button on footer section:

Like button on the sidebar:

Easy way to add Facebook like button to WordPress website manually:

If you face any problem to add Facebook like button to WordPress website on the above method then you could do it another and easiest way:

#2 Add Facebook like button to WordPress website using plugin:

This is the best choice for the beginners. They could face problem to add facebook like button to WordPress website in the above-mentioned method. Add like button using the plugin is comparatively easy than the previous method. Her I will show you the process step by step, so don’t need to worry about it.

Facebook Like Box Widget configuration:

Still, if you have any doubt about how to add Facebook like button to WordPress website, mention it in comments. Happy to help you.
Embed Youtube Video In WordPress Site Without Youtube Embed Code

Embed Youtube Video In WordPress Site Without Youtube Embed Code

Do you want to embed Youtube video on your WordPress site? Videos can bring more engagement to your website. Sometimes content is not enough to solve a problem more effectively. In this case, videos can do it in a very short span of time, maybe you have to write 500 words article or more to do that same work. If we talk about SEO point of view then videos can increase engagement activity as I said it earlier that means it will reduce the bounce rate. It is beneficial in terms of SEO. So now I hope you have a clear idea why sometimes good to embed youtube video in WordPress site.

Youtube is the world’s largest video hosting platform. It allows any user to host an unlimited number of video files, just you have to follow their guidelines. Once you upload your file it will do everything for you to ready the file, it will compress your file and optimize it, encoding, storing and some allowed customization you can do, like you could upload a custom thumbnail, video description etc.

Previously embed Youtube video in WordPress site was a little bit different. Then you have to copy the Youtube embed code and then paste it to the WordPress site. But now with the change of time, it will become easier.
  • Now you have to just copy the URL of Youtube and paste it to the WordPress editor. WordPress will automatically catch the Youtube embed code and it shows a preview of a video. Paste just a naked URL to the editor just like below [without slash(/)]

You might be thinking about the playlist. The playlist also supports this procedure. Just copy and paste the playlist URL in the text editor, WordPress will automatically catch the Youtube embed code of the playlist. You will see a drop-down menu of the playlist top of the video(left corner).
Here is the screenshot of a playlist:
  • Vimeo is also a popular video hosting site like Youtube. So you might be thinking about it, how to do it? No extra effort is needed to embed Vimeo video on the WordPress site, just follow the previous procedure. Copy and paste the URL wherever you want to display the video in the text editor.
It will Look like this:
So we can easily embed Youtube video in WordPress site without Youtube embed code or without Vimeo embed code. WordPrss’s strong features make our jobs easy.
Best 5 VR Technology Gadgets Available In The Market

Best 5 VR Technology Gadgets Available In The Market

Just when you were thinking that the entertainment industry has reached a saturation point, out of nowhere comes VR technology or Virtual Reality to take you off your feet. So much so, modern modes of entertainment like enjoying a 2D movie in a theater or playing the latest Call of Duty game on your PC appears ‘pre-historic’ in comparison to it.

Now, what exactly is this VR technology thing? Isn’t the name itself an oxymoron? How can a thing be both ‘virtual’ and ‘real’ at the same time?
By definition, VR(virtual reality) is a computer generated the simulation of a 3D environment. By this, a person can interact in a seemingly realistic manner using special electronic gadgets. Gadgets like a helmet having a screen inside or a sensor attached glove.
To explain it lucidly, in whatever game you play or whatever image or video you watch you get the feeling of being there and doing the act, unlike the traditional manner where you are just a mere audience of the happenings.

Actually, we perceive anything as reality only when all our senses are able to interact with it in a coherent manner. In other words, when all of the sensory information cumulatively appears as realism to the brain, we deem it to be a reality. VR technology works on this very concept so that you can experience the beauty of the Eiffel Tower or the Taj Mahal, experience a movie as if you are a character in it or play the latest version of Call of Duty as if you are really Sergeant Jones on a covert mission. All this without having to leave your favorite couch and sipping on some great lemonade.

How does VR technology work?

A number of digital instruments such as headsets, gloves, omnidirectional treadmills are utilized to achieve virtual reality. In actual reality, our brain and senses work in a synchronized fashion to give us the feeling of reality. Hence the task at hand for VR is pretty complex as if nothing is off or even a little unrealistic while experiencing VR, our brains would be able to detect it immediately and then the entire thing will go down the drain. Hence VR needs to take into account all the physiological aspects too such as the 180-degree human vision (including the peripheral one), sense of balance and the immersive news factor of the environment. When all these factors would function in a coherent manner only then the user will have a seamless experience.

What are the options available for VR technology?

All kind of options is available depending upon what you want, right from a piece of cardboard to the latest hi-tech. You need to decide based upon your requirements.
The simplest and cheapest of all the alternatives, it is basically a rudimentary VR device. It is created by just folding up a piece of cardboard and fitting in some cheap lenses into it. Tada! It’s that simple. Put your smartphone inside it, bring it closer to your face and enjoy VR! Price: Negligible.

A number of eyebrows were raised when Facebook bought Oculus for a whopping $2 BILLION in 2014. But the farsighted Zuckerberg knew exactly what he was doing as he had successfully deduced that VR was going to be the next big thing. Having all the latest technical specifications and the right sensors, it can track all your head movements and motion trajectories thus rendering a supreme experience. However, it comes with own restriction- it requires the latest gaming PC to work fruitfully. Price: $599.

A good alternative and unlike Oculus does not require a high-end gaming PC to ensure VR experience. Instead, it is entirely compatible with the Playstation 4 already sitting on your table. You just need to buy some ancillary things such as a controller. However, if you compare solely on the basis of graphics, Oculus wins anyday. Price:$399.

Arguably the most realistic of them all, HTC Vive allows you to grab objects and seamlessly walk around in a room thus giving you a rich interactive experience. However this also requires a high-end gaming PC as an intermediary. And also a number of cables need to be connected. You also need a big enough empty room to play games in this. Price: $799

Relatively much cheaper compared to the other ones, it has only one pre-requisite. You should have a latest SAMSUNG smartphone. With a number of sensors, it is decent enough for a number of apps and games such as Anshar Wars 2, Minecraft, Gunjack and others. It also fits in very comfortably thus easing the VR experience for the user. Price $99.

A lot of improvements are still required in vr technology to make it absolutely perfect. And that day isn’t too far. Soon games and movies equipped to handle VR will be coming out in plenty so as to cater to the needs of the growing audience. All entertainment companies need to take cognizance of this and act accordingly or else they will miss out on a huge opportunity. From the users perspective, I have just one thing to say, be ready to be enthralled beyond imagination.
100 Lists of High Page Rank Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

100 Lists of High Page Rank Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Are you searching for high page rank blogs that accept guest posts? But if you still unable to find it then this post is for you. After Google’s penguin update guest blogging becomes the most popular link building strategy. Whatever the reason for that you want to submit guest posts you have to know their guidelines, every blog has different guidelines. Before submitting guest posts, make sure you follow their guidelines. Otherwise, they won’t publish your post. Your entire work will not get any value to them.
  • The main reason why we use guest blogging for link building because the link we get that’s are very high quality. High-quality link helps you to increase your page rank, domain authority, page authority etc. That means we will get SEO benefit. It will help us to increase our conversion rate.
  • Another reason for guest blogging is driving targeted traffic to your business. When you submit guest posts to other sites definitely, you will look for the same niche that you are running. The Same niche helps you to drive lots of targeted traffic. That will help you to boost your business.
Before submitting guest posts we need some awesome list of guest blogging sites. Most of the time people find it difficult to discover quality guest blogging sites. In this posts today I will share 100+ quality blogs that accept guest posts. 
Before, start guest posting you may also check our blog. Our blog also allows you to submit guest posts. Here is the registration link. Just do the registration and follow our simple guest blogging guidelines then you will be able to submit your posts. The most important part is we allow you to create one anchor text link per post. That means if you submit 5 posts then you will get 5 anchor text backlink.
We have tried to give you the most quality guest blogging sites lists. I know, I miss many sites but don’t worry I will keep updating this posts, so keep in touch to get updated lists.
Here are the lists of 100 blogs that accept guest posts:
Website Name DA PA PR Alexa Rank
Smallseoblog 5 8 0 882,928
Techcrunch 92 93 9 679
Forbes 96 95 10 254
Businessinsider 95 31 6 6,262
Entrepreneur 89 91 8 1,365
Fast Company 90 1 8 4,426
Politico 92 84 8 871
eLearningguild 58 65 3 250,895
Venturebeat 88 56 8 3,794
Inc 90 92 8 1,853
Shopify 39 49 4 31,399
Searchengineland 88 49 7 6,295
Hubspot 88 89 8 562
Imperfectparent 37 47 1 1,215,646
Blogher 83 85 6 35,413
Timeshighereducation 80 81 4 10,575
Edweek 84 86 6 12,557
Psychologytoday 87 88 8 2,308
Alistapart 87 89 6 38,736
Smashingmagazine 88 90 7 5,095
Thekitchen 62 68 2 889,100
ASCD 79 81 6 13,406
Smallbiztrends 80 83 6 15,322
Naturalnews 82 79 7 8,586
Edutech 1 1 0 25,391,012
Marketingland 81 84 6 22,095
Edutopia 82 85 7 8,177
Sitepoint 82 85 7 1,361
Contentmarketinginstitute 84 86 6 24,109
Patheos 77 80 8 1,756
Polepositionmarketing 73 69 3 945,456
Opendemocracy 80 83 5 60,966
Business2community 79 83 6 10,703
Lifehack 77 75 8 2,573
Rswebsols 74 45 4 123,943
Allbusiness 76 80 5 42,566
Marketingprofs 77 81 5 29,499
Manning 75 79 5 34,192
Socialmediatoday 79 81 6 17,324
Webdesignerdepot 76 80 6 10,818
Hongkiat 73 77 7 2,777
Coschedule 76 71 5 17,174
Digital photography school 73 78 6 11,175
Viator Travel 77 60 7 5,439
Dailyblogtips 71 74 4 118,711
Goabroad 69 52 5 30,097
Getrichslowly 70 74 5 77,737
Hostelbookers 68 74 5 38,727
Yourtango 67 72 6 11,650
Moneycrashers 70 75 6 19,074
Selfgrowth 71 49 5 30,977
Bootsnall 70 75 4 130,813
Webdesignledge 66 72 5 39,785
Speckyboy 67 72 6 17,360
I will teach youto be rich 67 73 5 26,756
Pickthebrain 59 65 4 66,389
Desertusa 61 67 4 83,307
Designation 60 51 3 288,455
Additudemag 64 65 4` 24,842
Moneysavingmom 61 67 5 56,971
5minutesformom 64 70 3 255,212
Biggerpockets 60 66 5 12,085
Transitionsabroad 62 57 4 86,239
Weddingbee 47 61 5 26,202
Searchenginepeople 62 68 4 106,390
Harlequin 65 61 4 122,781
Designshack 61 67 6 19,274
Escapeartist 54 1 3 267,063
Dr. axe 59 30 7 4,435
Smallbusinessbc 59 63 3 203,960
Techwyse 57 65 3 141,75357
Heartifb 57 63 6 205,961
Thebark 56 63 3 105,931
Healthspector 1 1 0 3,737,312