3 things to consider when choosing a burglar alarm for your home

If you have a well-fitted burglar alarm system in your house, then you will be less likely to become a victim of burglary. You should consider the following things when buying a burglar alarm for your home.

Wireless or wired burglar alarm

Wireless alarms look better, easier to install and uninstall. They use sensors that are powered by batteries to communicate with the control panel. They are expensive compared to the wired ones. Wired alarms, on the other hand, needs to be installed by profession. The labour costs are higher for installing wired alarms.

Bells-only burglar alarm or monitored alarm

When this kind of alarm is triggered, it makes a lot of noise. It will alert someone who is near the area, and so the intruder will run away. But if you have an alarm that has speech dialler then it will automatically contact a named person or policed. With ‘bells only’ alarm, there is no guarantee that something will be done. But with monitored alarm, there is a guarantee that someone will come and take care of the matter. Bells-only alarm is cheaper than the monitored one. But before installing a ‘bells only’ alarm, you should make sure that you have an active neighbourhood so that people will hear the bell if it triggers.

Burglar alarm monitoring

If you want your burglar alarm to be monitored, then you have three options: speech dialler, keyholder contract or police contract. For both keyholder contract and police contract, you should pay extra money per month or year. This way either the police or the nominated key holder will be alerted if the alarm goes off. In the case of speech dialler, you will get call or text once the alarm goes off.
You must commit to regular maintenance of your burglar alarms. You should get your alarm checked at least once a year. The costs of maintenance vary according to the type of alarm.

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