kasich on saudi arabia: money shouldn’t president trump our foreign policy | hardball | msnbc

kasich on saudi arabia: money shouldn’t president trump our foreign policy | hardball | msnbc

limbaugh calls people that do this kind of thing?
this kind of thing? 
ditto heads. ditto heads.  they go along with what they’rethey go along with what they’re told. told.  
>>> governor john kasich joins>>> 
governor john kasich joins us right now. us right now.  governor kasich, what do yougovernor kasich, what do you make of the leadership comingmake of the leadership coming from the white house on thisfrom the white house on this issue of a lost u. s.  resident?

issue of a lost u. s.  resident? 
>> chris, i think it’s just>> 
chris, i think it’s just terrible. terrible.  look, let’s just say that thelook, let’s just say that the president’s right, we don’tpresident’s right, we don’t know, because nobody reallyknow, because nobody really knows yet for sure, even thoughknows yet for sure, even though the germans, the french, andthe germans, the french, and british have called for anbritish have called for an investigation. investigation.  

the evidence has mounted inthe evidence has mounted in terms of u. s.  intelligenceterms of u. s.  intelligence picking things up. picking things up.  i read a lot, i studiedi read a lot, i studied likelihood, thought a lot aboutlikelihood, thought a lot about this. this.  but let’s give him the benefitbut let’s give him the benefit of the doubt, then you don’t goof the doubt, then you don’t go to a conference over there soto a conference over there so they can extend their economicthey can extend their economic power. power.  

you don’t talk about having armsyou don’t talk about having arms sales. sales.  you say we’re going to freezeyou say we’re going to freeze the arms sales. the arms sales.  we’re not going to the thatwe’re not going to the that until we get to the bottom ofuntil we get to the bottom of this. this.  i’ve heard the president sayi’ve heard the president say this is about money, the armsthis is about money, the arms trade. trade.  

you know, i had somebody say toyou know, i had somebody say to me the other day america is anme the other day america is an idea. idea.  it is an idea. it is an idea.  the things we believe in, thethe things we believe in, the things we stand for that wethings we stand for that we believe in human rights, sobelieve in human rights, so money should never trump ourmoney should never trump our foreign policy actions, skplgszwforeign policy actions, skplgszw to see a lot of these ceos whoto see a lot of these ceos who thought they needed to be inthought they needed to be in saudi arabia for many big saudi arabia for many big companies in the united states,companies in the united states, stood up and said we’re notstood up and said we’re not going. going.  and they deserve credit forand they deserve credit for that. that.  they need to be held up and wethey need to be held up and we need to be able to say to themneed to be able to say to them that they’ve put some principlethat they’ve put some principle ahead of profit, which is whatahead of profit, which is what is critical for the economicis critical for the economic system of our country. system of our country. 

  >> the president saying he’s out>> 
the president saying he’s out there for raytheon and forthere for raytheon and for boeing. boeing.  like he’s their commercial tradelike he’s their commercial trade representative. representative. 

  >> chris, that’s not how you do>> 
chris, that’s not how you do foreign policy. foreign policy.  foreign policy is not justforeign policy is not just about -- of course we would likeabout -- of course we would like to have jobs and economicto have jobs and economic contacts. contacts. 

it’s why we shouldn’t be in allit’s why we shouldn’t be in all these trade wars. these trade wars.  we should try to get our travzwe should try to get our travz down for free trade. down for free trade.  we believe in free enterprisewe believe in free enterprise and profit, but we also believeand profit, but we also believe that there are principles thatthat there are principles that underlie profit. underlie profit.  look, you’re a guy that studieslook, you’re a guy that studies a lot of these philosophers. a lot of these philosophers.  

a free enterprise side that isa free enterprise side that is not underlaid with values isnot underlaid with values is bankrupt. bankrupt.  listen, chris, this islisten, chris, this is unanimous. unanimous.  this is a bipartisan outragethis is a bipartisan outrage about this. about this.  in the meantime, you don’t go toin the meantime, you don’t go to the conference, mnuchinthe conference, mnuchin shouldn’t go to the conference. shouldn’t go to the conference.  

praise the ceos not going to thepraise the ceos not going to the conference, and don’t sell themconference, and don’t sell them anymore weapons. anymore weapons.  don’t do that until we get todon’t do that until we get to the bottom of it. the bottom of it.  and we will get to the bottom ofand we will get to the bottom of it. it.  

>> governor, this isn’t the>> 
governor, this isn’t the first time that trump hasfirst time that trump has elevated the assurances ofelevated the assurances of despotic leaders over hisdespotic leaders over his intelligence community. intelligence community.  

perhaps more than any presidentperhaps more than any president in modern history, donald trumpin modern history, donald trump is willing and sometimes evenis willing and sometimes even eager to uncritically repeat theeager to uncritically repeat the assertions of authoritarianassertions of authoritarian leaders, breaking with his ownleaders, breaking with his own government experts. government experts.  let’s take a look at some oflet’s take a look at some of those examples. those examples.  

>> he’s a funny guy. >> 
he’s a funny guy.  he’s a very smart guy. he’s a very smart guy.  he’s a great negotiator. he’s a great negotiator.  he loves his people, not thathe loves his people, not that i’m surprised by that. i’m surprised by that.  

>> i have great confidence in my>>
 i have great confidence in my intelligence people, but i willintelligence people, but i will tell you that president putintell you that president putin was extremely strong andwas extremely strong and powerful in his denial today. powerful in his denial today. 

  >> it’s a great honor and>> 
it’s a great honor and privilege because he’s become aprivilege because he’s become a friend of mine to introducefriend of mine to introduce president erdogan of turkey. president erdogan of turkey.  he’s running a very difficulthe’s running a very difficult part of the world. part of the world.  he’s involved very, veryhe’s involved very, very strongly and, frankly, he’sstrongly and, frankly, he’s getting very high marks. getting very high marks.  

>> what do you make of that,>> 
what do you make of that, governor?governor? 

>> come on, chris. >> 
come on, chris.  

>> why does he do this?>> 
why does he do this? go ahead. go ahead.  

>> you remember that moment when>> 
you remember that moment when reagan in the beginning said toreagan in the beginning said to dick allen, former nationaldick allen, former national security adviser, we win andsecurity adviser, we win and they lose. they lose.  he was standing up againsthe was standing up against repression. repression.  

now we look just not in thenow we look just not in the video and audio that you havevideo and audio that you have just played, but you think aboutjust played, but you think about the developments in poland, thethe developments in poland, the developments that are happeningdevelopments that are happening in hungary right now, a loss ofin hungary right now, a loss of the process, a shutdown of thethe process, a shutdown of the courts. courts.  here’s the thing, chris. here’s the thing, chris.  you can’t look the other way you can’t look the other way when it comes to autocrats. when it comes to autocrats.  they’re emboldened to do things they’re emboldened to do things that take away people’s rights. that take away people’s rights.  

i was just with a europeani was just with a european ambassador the other day thatambassador the other day that said when you start playing withsaid when you start playing with fire with the extreme right, anyfire with the extreme right, any of these people who border onof these people who border on demagogues, you play with firedemagogues, you play with fire and you embolden people. and you embolden people.  so this notion that somehowso this notion that somehow they’re okay, no, they’rethey’re okay, no, they’re terrible and we ought to pointterrible and we ought to point it out. it out.  it doesn’t mean we have to go toit doesn’t mean we have to go to war with them, but we should bewar with them, but we should be clear about freedom of speech. clear about freedom of speech.  these are essential elements forthese are essential elements for freedom in the western world. freedom in the western world.  it’s what our people fought forit’s what our people fought for when they landed on the beacheswhen they landed on the beaches in world war ii. in world war ii.  this is what we’re about. this is what we’re about. 

  >> i’m with you, governor. >> 
i’m with you, governor. 

  >> i’m trying not to get to>> 
i’m trying not to get to emotional but we’ve made hugeemotional but we’ve made huge sacrifices for these things andsacrifices for these things and we need to honor them. we need to honor them.  

>> you know what jack kennedy>> you know what jack kennedy said?said? he said those who ride the tigerhe said those who ride the tiger end up in its mouth.

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