President Trump Is Definitely NOT a Baby President

President Trump Is Definitely NOT a Baby President

lots to talk about in the news, so let's get right into it. last night donald trump gave an extensive interview on "60minutes. "did you see it?

>> jаmеѕ: well then it's goodthat we're about to tell you about it, isn't it. he talked about a wide range of topics and at one point, trump was asked about some very serious foreign policy issues to which he responded, "i'm not a baby. i know these things. "you know, how all presidents respond to tough questions. trump was like, "sure, i may throw tantrums, communicate mostly in gibberish, and
occasionally wet the bed, butthat is where the similarities end!"he said, "i'm not a baby. "you know who consistently says "i'm not a baby"?toddlers. my three-year-old daughter tells me all the time that she's not a baby. so donald trump is right, he's not a baby, he's a toddler. then later in the interview, the president proved his point with this extremely grown-up, mature statement. take a look. 

>> i disagree i don't want to have that fight with you. >> 
i'm president and you're not. 

>> jаmеѕ: again, my three-year-old daughter says stuff like that all the time. but here's the craziest part about the interview, at one point you see donald trump in the white house with a rather interesting painting in the background. you can see it here. if you go in close on this painting, you'll see that it's donald trump with all former republican presidents. here it is.

>> james: that's real. this is hanging in the white house. look at that. it looks like all the other
presidents are wondering why trump is even there. "hahahahaha, but seriously, what are you doing here?is this an "apprentice" thing?everyone's laughing, but trump looks a little uncomfortable. it looks like one of them just finished saying, "all then this guy said mexico would pay for
the wall!"he's starting to do that fake laugh. alright. fellas, calm down. alright. it's not a very good painting but it is very historic. because this has to be the first presidential portrait featuringa diet coke.

>> jаmеѕ: also you look at that picture and you just know trump can only name like two of the other
presidents in that painting. "okay, that's reagan, george w. bush, and is that. . . ?wow, i had no idea frasier was president!"

>> jаmеѕ: and finally we have to tell you about this. over the weekend a cherive deputy in california lured a enormous run away pig back to it's pen by leaving a trail of doritos. i guess you can say that deputy knows how to bring home the bacon. thank you, i did that. my own joke. i appreciate it. thank you. lured him home with a trail of doritos. here's the real question: are these cheese doritos or cool ranch?because if we're talking about several blocks worth of free cool ranch chips in the street,
i'm telling you, that pig's in for some serious competition.

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