Are you going creepy with a process to speed up windows 7

Are you working on slow running windows 7? Is it taking much time and things are going beyond your time and patience? In order to speed up windows 7, you need to go for some minimum hardware requirement that you system must fulfill in order to work properly. The main hardware requirements include 1 GHz processor, 1 GB of main memory, 16 GB of available disc space and a DVD R/W drive. Although the new OS is designed so well that it runs fast and it is light enough. Now, question is what when you meet all the hardware requirements then how to speed up your laptop?
One of the main steps you need to follow is cleaning up the windows registry. Windows registry is a place where you store all information related to the system. This is one of the best approaches to get in to speeding up your system. You would not be getting any internal cleaning tools that are necessary in clearing out any errors and corrupt files. All this matters in acting as congestion to the significant slowing down of your system. All these tweaks can be complicated enough and there is software that can help you to avoid all such registry bad programs and help to speed up your laptop. With the help of this software, you can quickly clean up the unknown and hidden but unused programs lying in registry. This is going to speed up windows 7. Within few seconds, you would see a fast running computer and without any compatibility issue.
There are many applications that reside inside the computer and that tend to take up lots of memory space. These applications and programs also hinder the speed of your computer. To speed up your laptop, you need to clear all such unwanted data and applications that are residing in your system. You must disable the unwanted applications using ‘MSconfig utility’. You just need to keep only the shortcuts in your desktop and all other necessary facts. Many times, when your desktop is crowded then also your system tends to be very slow. This is the reason, you need to clear off your desktop with un necessary things.
When you are using Windows 7 as your OS, there are so many junk files that are created on its own. To speed up windows 7, you need to clear off your system with these junk items. Whenever you are browsing internet or anything, so many un necessary applications gets clogged in to it. All these are the result of slowing down of your system. You need to regularly clean your system with the temporary files and internet cache and cookies. This will help in speeding up your system.

With all major clearing done in your system, you could see some of the main effects that is seen in the speed of your system. You could feel that your system is working properly and all clearing have led to speed up your laptop. With speed up windows 7, you are more likely to give more time to your work.

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