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Computer like any other kind of sophisticated technology, are not easy to be kept up well: If we want long life for our “artificial intelligence”, we have to be very careful and to pay attention to the device. We take care for our machine but it is impossible to keep our computer eternally. When something happens to our PC, we have to take preventive measures but sometimes we don’t have a choice and our aim is to correct the mistake.
You have a problem? There are only two options but each of them can make you angry: Actually, there are mainly two types of problems: The first ones are software problems (in common with the programs and folders) and the second: hardware problems (computer devices and accessories). For either of them there is a diverse profession working on it. And either of them is as important as the other. One computer can’t start working without software or hardware, so when we have a problem of hardware or software kind, we turn into dependant. That is why we have to be informed what to do when something happens or just for general knowledge.
Software problem – Windows makes problems or something worse?
Some of the mistakes are caused by Windows technical errors or just useless registers. First ones can vary from insignificant to intricate. For most of the ways our friends can help us or some online guide books. If we have registers, we should download program to delete them. I will name some of them: CCleaner, Windows Doctor, Registry mechanic and etc. Another problem is called SPYWARE. It is file which attaches to the computer and draws information and rarely causes something. Despite that, we don’t have to underrate this offender, especially in case you have a bank account and classified information Specialist invented programs which fight against these trespassers. There are no one or two but maybe the best one is Spybot Search and Destroy (Spybot S&D). You can download it from this link: . This is the newest version and can be in use even against viruses.
Maybe the worst trouble are the above-mentioned which can cause not only software problems, they can even destroy someone’s computer. To prevent action like this, we must have antivirus software. Everyone can buy it legally from online store or from software shop or download it illegally but this can be very dangerous or even a virus, so my advice is to avoid “free” products of that kind unless you have the intention to risk much. Here is a link showing the top list of antivirus software –
Hardware problems – new computer or just repair is needed?
I hope, I introduced you what can cause one software mistake but this paragraph is more important due to the price you’ll pay if you make a fatal error. When your computer has software trouble, you can reinstall the OS (Operating System) and to have your device cleaned and ready for the upcoming testing. For someone who has imagination how to reinstall his Windows, this can cost him nothing. But the hardware problems in most of the ways will make you pay money (in some situations much of your fortune). The computer, like any other machine, need repair in its long life. Sometimes even virus can damage a part from your PC. Mostly the old age of the gadget and its attrition causes problem and the change is obligatory. One computer can keep on working without a folder but not without a part of its structure. Rarely one computer can be put out of order due to “working”. Children like playing games and nowadays kids’ fun can cost their parents whole fortune. Games have high requires and “exhaust” the machine and it heats up. When the cooling system stops working or it is not quality enough, we will just see the result – commonly smoke or bakelite smell meaning stroll to the repair shop. As a result, another kind specialist appears – hardware support and repair. His job is to change parts of the device and to advise users what they should do in the future. Sometimes you escape from big expenses but when the damages are in very high degree, the end of this mechanism is written. So, if you want to possess our computers for a long time , you mustn’t forget that computer games are not the main idea of the founders and you should use the device properly – for your needs and work, not only for fun.
Remote pc repair: Experts from the whole planet decided to invent another kind of online business – computer repair. So, for the respective amount you can get your PC fine. For instance . This is authorized site for this service. You can use their aid from cleaning the infections to faster your machine, installation of new software and Windows errors. This is flourish business.
Windows reinstalling – hardwork or just a hobby?
In some ways, our Windows can’t begin at all. This is due to cache files, registers, viruses or something else. If the software is damaged a bit, we just reinstall Windows with its plug-ins but keep the files we have in our machine. It is easy unless we haven’t practiced reinstalling yet.
There are only positives in this kind of reinstalling – we don’t lose anything, but the computer becomes faster and lighter. Of course, if we love the theme we use now, we won’t use it but I don’t think it is a trouble. The real problems come from infections or Trojans which can even destroy our PC. So, when we have state like this – my tip is fast work without hesitation and delay. If you’re not sure in your skills, just look for a professional. It won’t cost you much but missing that chance can destroy the whole gadget. In most of the ways some infected files cause troubles of this kind and the formatting is inevitably. People say that important data should be recorded to a disk and when something like this happens, to be ready without postpone for instantaneous action. But why we should spend so much time and nerves for “complicated” situations and reading so many books and guides, asking friends or even professionals for work which we can do it ourselves. Maybe it is easier and more suitable to look for one video that can make much more than 100 pages useless material filling our heads. These videos can help us change our opinion how hard is to reinstall Windows. Do you think that could be made by children? Convince yourself. I suggest you these clips which can be useful. They can take you a couple of minutes but you will see that it is no so hard as it seems.
How to reinstall WINDOWS 7 –
How to reinstall WINDOWS XP –
How to reinstall WINDOWS VISTA –
The lessons show we have to finally realize that nothing is impossible – there are known and unknown processes in the computer. If you don’t get something, you can ask down and in most of the cases you will get a very good answer (if you have a registration).
For conclusion, the computer is sophisticated technology with difficult and expensive (sometimes) maintenance. We have to take care and to spend some money on it by a period of time. We must also pay more attention to the machine which means more efforts and, of course, we must start the antivirus software regularly and check out for problems like spy ware, infections, old registers, useless cookies and others which can danger or slower our PC. This process doesn’t get much of time and 20 minutes per day invested in our computer will assure it long life and prospect for the future. It won’t be noxious if you open the computer now and then and clean it from the dust. If we work proper, we can also keep the machine in order. But no one is assured that trouble can’t happen exactly to him, so he has to be very careful in the future and don’t delay work in common with the PC because it can cost him much more than he expected. So, I advise you to do these things which can bring you machine long life without troubles.
1) Scan your computer for viruses, spy ware and etc. weekly
2) Clean the dust in the computer each 1 or 2 months
3) Reinstall Windows each year, if possible (without formatting)
4) Visit repair shop each year and ask workers to tell you how does your computer work and does it need something newer

5) When you have possibility, turn off the computer when you don’t work on it (you can both save money from energy and give gadgets more time for repose.

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