Convert Fat32 To NTFS And Improve Performance Windows Tweaks

Are you FAT? We are talking about your PC ,so no need to take offence. But whether it is you or your PC FAT is bad . It wasn’t always so, let me tell you. Before NTFS came along FAT was the norm. The full form of FAT is actually File Allocation Table ,which is the way the hard disc is formatted. On the other hand NTFS is the latest file formatting system. It stands for New Technology File System .
Microsoft introduced it with its Windows NT operating system. It is therefore no quite as new as we seem to imagine. NTFS is more complex than FAT and has several advantages. I would therefore advice you to migrate . I mean shift to NTFS . Before I tell you how to go about it ,let me first convince you why NTFS is better than pure FAT.
NTFS has a great data structure with many advanced features . It has better security than FAT and utilizes the disk space more efficiently. This in practical terms boils down to better performance. You may not be aware but the operating system performs routine checks continuously in the background . This activity is speeded up by the NTFS system leading to a faster and more reliable performance.
Well , I have not yet answered the question : Are you FAT? How to check whether you are actually fat or not? It is quite simple really. Click on my computer and click on the icon Local Disk (c: ) . On the left side panel , under details you will get the information on file system. If it is FAT you have some more workout to convert to NTFS.
Before you proceed , I have to give you a stern warning . First and foremost you must copy your data and back it up. I have often been fooled by my arrogance and later found that my most important stuff is gone and unrecoverable. Make sure that your data is safe. The rest of steps are procedural.

Go to start and you will notice a “Run” button at the bottom of the menu. Type CMD ,say Okay and you will be miraculously taken to a blank screen . This screen may look like some fall back to the stone age but don’t get scared. You must type CONVERT C: /FS:NTFS at the command prompt . You can then sit back and relax because it will take some time to complete the process . By the end of this exercise you would have lost your FAT and migrated to the NTFS file system .

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