Defragging Your Registry Using PageDefrag

One of the limitations of Windows Defragmenter is that it is unable to defragment critical system files that Windows deemed “exclusive access” such as the registry or your page file. Depending on how much wear and tear you put on your PC, these files can become highly fragmented. To defragment these files you need to use a program that can do a boot time defragmentation, such as PageDefrag. PageDefrag is a free program made by SysInternals (Microsoft purchased them and is now known as WinTernals) that is downloadable off of Microsoft’s TechNet. All you need to do is follow the link at the bottom of this article and download it and run. (No install necessary)
Once PageDefrag (Yes it does say System File Defragmenter) runs, you will be shown a screen like the one above where you will be shown the number of fragments. An ideal system should have 1 fragment per file. If it is any different, I’d recommend clicking on “Defragment At Next Boot” and then restart your system. PageDefrag will take care of the rest and show you the results as it is Defragging.

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