Does icons on desktop slow down computer speed

Do you have many icons on your desktop? In addition, at the same time, are you noticing that your computer has slow down? Does desktop icon slow down your computer? Yes and truly, it can be due to your desktop full of icons that your system is performing slow. Many times, these heavy desktop icon slow down your computer for, which you need to keep a check. To be precise, it is just not only the number of icons but also the way they are displayed and the content in them that may have hampered working of your computer. Let us look at some of the best methods that you should carry on to limit on desktop icons that will help in maintaining good speed of your system.
1) What is on your desktop? The first major thing you should check is that what the content on your desktop is. Whenever you log on to your computer, your desktop shows the icons present. There may be multiple rows of icons and image files on your desktop. If you feel some organisation of these icons and thumbnails are to be made then you can shift all these detailed things inside one folder. You can maintain the view of your desktop along with the classic folders organisation and speed of your computer. To prevent any kind of speed reduction of system, you need to check on the turning off the preview setting.
2) Limiting the capacity: When you look on the desktop, many icons could be seen. Do you think that it can be a problem? Does this desktop Icon can slow down your computer? You need to limit on these icons. Look whether these icons represent short cuts, programs or files. This will help in good display as well as maintaining good speed of the organisation too. Degree of customisation and total number of icons depends having a great impact on the speed of computer working. More the numbers of icons on the desktop, it represents more storage capacity and all these can affect your working.
3) Look at start up and task bar: you must look at all kinds of unnecessary and other things. Many things represent unauthorisation access of things to your system. There may be some icons that represents speaker and network status icon. The presence of any kind of unnecessary icons represent that they are occupying unnecessary space and causing your system to slow down. Hence, you need to look for task bar and delete all kinds of unnecessary files and folders. As soon as you start up your computer, the loading and running of these programs takes place that delays your system speed. While there are some icons that are very much necessary for the system like configuration utilities, downloader’s, and messengers set up. So you can keep all these and remove those things that were meant for temporary time. The longer and more things you have, more time it takes to start up.
4) Little things add up: when you look at icon, you may find that some of the temporary files are holding small spaces. Therefore, they might not need to be deleted. However, you should try to remove even those. Because similarly there would be many such folders and files that would be having little space but when you add, every icon then that may take good space of your memory. This will surely load up your system and you may have to get affected with worries in starting up the system.
5) Get help with Google desktop: Google desktop has come to help all those who have good icons on their desktop. This helps you to keep all your information intact on your system. With the help of Google desktop, you can locate your own files, emails, past IM chats etc. so you can put everything on your desktop and it would not even affect your system speed. Google has answers for everything. There are many other features starting with the Google desktop.

Next time when you have slow running computer ask yourself, does desktop icon slow down your computer? Look at your icons; you may get an answer when you remove unwanted things. With all such major features, you can now understand how desktop unlimited icons affect your speed and efficiency of computer. You may start seeing the effect as soon as you see that your computer has slow down. All these symptoms say that you need to keep a check on your system desktop and remove all unnecessary icons. Complete cleaning and maintenance of computer is required. To keep your system working in best manner, you need to consider all such small things. These were some of the basic facts helping you in getting good working speed and start up speed of your system.

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