Dont spend a dime and know how to speed up my computer

When we work on slow moving computer, we just feel like getting in to hell. In fact each one of us faces similar thing and we need to control such thing in order to get a productive work from our side. In fact much of our time goes off in to such things like just looking at system in, which some processing is going on. To get away from this slow moving computer, I went to search on Google as how to speed up my computer. And to be of great help, I could list some of the ways that would help me come out of this slow moving system without spending any penny on it. I will surely share some of the best ways to speed up a PC, so that you can work productively here.
Here are some main ways to help you with how to speed up my computer:
1) Go for continuous scanning of system with spyware/ malware etc. This is a necessary step to speed up your laptop. Spyware and malware are responsible for not only slowing down your system but they also eat up important data from your system. So it is a must step that you need to do.
2) Many of us are in habit of keeping up all kinds of irrelevant and UN necessary information on our hard disk. Later on we even forget to remove and delete those data from our system. It is best to delete those data from your system as it also hampers the speed of your system.
3) Scrub down your hard disk as frequently as you can. Your hard disk is a place that acts as a memory space for every programs and applications. But many of these programs are not needed by you. To avoid any kind of bad situation in working of your system, it is best to avoid such UN necessary programs. Cleaning of these files and programs help you to speed up your laptop.
4) If you wish to know how to speed up my computer then you need to continuously scan your system. All windows as well as applications programs in temp folder must be scanned. Defragmentation of hard disk drive helps you to speed up a PC. You just need to open ‘My Computer. Go on Propertiesàtoolsàcheck now to scan disk. This process will finish the scanning and once scanning is done, you just need to press ‘defragment now’. Defragmentation helps to speed up your laptop to greater extent and you could see the result immediately.
Now, when you know how to speed up my computer, you must be satisfied how easily you can speed up your laptop without calling any computer engineer or wasting much money towards this. These are simple steps that you can do by yourself without any kind of expense. So, continuously maintain your laptop and speed up a PC with these minor steps at your own place.

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