Follow four tips to speed up windows XP

Are you going mad with a slow running PC? You want any solution to get away from this slow running computer? Do you want your slow and old computer to work in fast and speedy manner just the way it was when you bought it? Are you frustrated with all kinds of pop ups that are coming up and giving you more waiting time to look at screen without any work? If you are having all such conditions with your system then you need to speed up your laptop. There are many ways that can help you to speed up a PC.
1) Keep your disk clean and safe: this is one major step that you need to follow in order to speed up your laptop. The main need of any hard disk is to store too many unavoidable files and programs in it. Hard disk helps you to store all kinds of music and other files in it. As you get in to storing more and more of files, it tends to slow down your computer. The main reason is that you add on the storage of the hard disk but you do not clean it up with files and programs that you may not need now. Apart from slow down of system. It may also lead to spyware attack and other serious data loss issues.
You need to make use of so many windows XP software that comes along with it. This software helps you to completely remove all such cleaning up things. This will help you to speed up windows XP. To run the disk cleans up utility in order to speed up windows XP:
è Go on My computer and double click on it. Further right click on local disk and then select properties.
è You will find disk clean up utility, select that.
è Again you will find a disk clean up dialogue box that pops up.
è Now, check box must be selected for those files and programs that you want to delete. Further click ok with that check box you want to delete.
2) Removing spyware from your system could help you to speed up windows XP. These spywares get downloaded automatically and it can be secretly installed inside your computer. This helps in slowing down the speed of your computer dramatically. This may also steal some of the main data from your system. In order to speed up your laptop, you need to get away from these spywares that are secretly installed in your system. There are so many powerful spyware tools that you may get and that will help you to speed up a PC.
These are the main steps in order to make your system work in faster way. Cleaning is one major task that you need to do. You must also get away with cleaning registry and other unwanted data and program files that may be lying in your system. This will help you to speed up windows XP.

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