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Are you wondering as how to speed up vista? If you have windows Vista you know there are abundant features in this OS that will drive you crazy. Surely you would like to get back the same speed of Vista as it was when you bought the system. This is one thing that you can do it yourself without any issue. All the measures are just straight forward and you just need a little knowledge in order to get going with the tips on speeding up windows vista. Let us see some major steps on tips to speed up windows vista.
1) One of the first things to do in order to speed up windows Vista is to clear off your system with all garbage and junks that are lying. There are many kinds of temporary files created by browsers and the internet when you log in to any website. All these data and program files are UN noticed and without any reason they occupy space on your system. You can get help from any free tool that can help you get rid of all such UN noticed junks lying. This is one of the main steps towards how to speed up Vista.
2) Get away from all Vista features that you may never use: We all love Vista as it comes with so many new features. But many of the features given by Windows Vista are of no use to us. It is best to get rid of such features that you may never use by yourself. Once you delete these Vista features, you could see the betterment in speed of a computer. You just need to go to control panel and then click ‘uninstall/change a program’ icon. You will see a tab on the left side that says ‘turn windows features on/off’. Just click on to this and follow the instructions given by the system. This will also help to speed up windows Vista to greater extent.
3) Eliminate spywares and malwares to speed up windows Vista: In order to follow all major steps on how to speed up Vista, you need to control your system to be away from any kind of malware as well as spywares that are seen. These spywares are downloaded whenever you log on to some site or things like that. You may never feel they are residing in your system but they keep on easting main data from your system too. So it is better to knock off such spyware and malware away from system in order to get rid of slowing down of your system.
These are few of the main tips that will help you improve computer speed. If you have Vista, you know you have many features. But to maintain and improve computer speed, you need to follow these tips on how to speed up Vista. These are simple and DIY methods that can help you to speed up windows Vista by your own.

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