How to Avoid the Interview Mistakes

Do not speak at all about not gelling as a team member. Almost all interviewers ask how you deal with conflict. Today’s working environment requires employees to work as a unit and when there are people working in groups there is bound to be the odd conflict of ideas. Do not reply by saying under such & such circumstances you would tend to differ, rather say you have considerable experience working in teams and are always accommodating of the view of your co-workers.
Do not bad mouth your former boss. According to a survey carried out by they have found that 49% candidates were rejected because they said negatively or even derogatorily about their former bosses. If such a question is asked of you, simply remember the good days when you were rewarded for good performance and speak in a standard way of your good experience.
Appearing too nervous or over-confident. In case you have very jittery hands, or cold feet and appear too nervous it means you aren’t confident enough to do the job. On the other hand if you appear too confident then it could mean you will take things on your own terms.
Weak first impression. From the time you enter the office to your first hand shake, in that barely 1 minute, many “don’t want to hire them” decisions are completed. If you are able to create a strong first impression, then the interviewer shall look to interviewing you with interest.
Do some research. Prior to the interview day, take some time to get versed with the company you are hoping to work for. Search & research about the company’s background, get to know what areas the company operates in, their services, goods or products, the extent of their presence and in general what model of operation. It shows not only are you ready to take the interview, but more importantly you want work with the organization.

Know your job well. You should be completely prepared to answer almost anything regarding your work profile. Take for instance you are applying for a position in the accounts department so you should know about the latest accounting practices, the most reputed accounting firm in the world, more importantly you should have all data regarding the company’s profits, sales figures and names of few clients. If you cannot answer these simple questions then you do not qualify for the job.

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