How to Avoid Window XP Slow Processing

When you first install Windows XP on your computer, you were probably amazed by how fast it can process and operate. With a mere click, programs and files would be opening in barely a second or two. Gradually, you begin to notice a window XP slow down until you can barely tolerate the horrible speed. It practically takes a lifetime to open a file or program. Even a mere click of the mouse could practically freeze your computer.
Window XP slow down does not only happen to the cheapest or lowest memory computers in the market. In fact, this can also happens to expensive computers. All computers ultimately succumb to slowness. This complaint is often common among Windows XP users. In fact, this is practically an ultimate complaint of a Windows XP user.
So, what can you do?
Getting a Good Advice
If you’d ask around, you’d probably get all sorts of suggestions. You’d probably have someone tell you, Oh, why don’t increase your RAM? Some people might suggest disabling services. Unfortunately, some services only cost you money but do not really resolve the problem. Other people would have good suggestions like, Have you tried defragmenting? You’d get all sorts of advices ranging from really good ones to those that are absolutely ridiculous! Of course, if you don’t know what defrag is or where to find your disk scanner, you’d probably give in to some suggestions. Perhaps, you’d bring your computer to repairman since you don’t know what you can do to avoid Window XP slow processing.
The truth is that Window XP users share the same problems because Windows XP is really a vulnerable system. If you do not have all the necessary programs or software to protect your computer from viruses or other potential problems, you might end up suffering a Window XP slow processing system. With Windows XP, you will need the best and the most updated anti-virus software and anti-spyware programs. However, if these software do not work, perhaps it is time to consider other possible causes of computer slow down.
Overlooking the Registry

The most common reason for Windows XP slow down is the computer registry. What is a computer registry? It is basically that area in your computer where you keep most of your files and programs. You should make sure that there is always enough free space to allow for multiple program processing. If your computer has enough space to operate, you can open several files, windows and processes without worrying that it’d hang or crash. Your Windows XP is initially pre-loaded only by programs that are associated with XP; however, the more you install programs in your computer, the more likely you’re going to experience window XP lagging because of your packed computer registry. So, make sure that you keep your registry clean in order to avoid the hassles that come with a slow operating computer. Of course, you’d need to add programs and software, but make sure that you install only those that you need and immediately delete those that you do not have any use for.

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