How To Create An Invisible Folder

If you have folders on your computer that you want to keep private, this trick will work for you, you just need to remember where you placed them. This hidden folder can be made; however, it is necessary to show all the folders whenever it is required. How can you make an invisible folder? You have to follow these simple steps and your unmentionables will stay hidden away.
1. Decide where you want the invisible folder to be located, right click on that location and select the option “Create a new folder.”
2. Select the folder, right click on it and click on rename option.
3. If you attempt to end here, windows will say that you must provide a name. Here are the instructions to solve this problem. With the number lock on and the field name still active, press and hold ALT and press 0160 on the number pad – then release ALT. A folder should appear with a blank name next to it.
4. Right click on the folder without a name. Choose Properties.
5. Click on the Customize tab.
6. Click on the Change Icon button. Browse through your icons until you find the one that has no image.
7. Click on OK and your folder becomes invisible!
It will allow you to hide things that you don’t want readily available to anyone else. You will be able to hide anything from video games at your workplace, to family pictures or anything else you can think of. If you place it on your desktop, the folder will appear briefly. Due to this, it would be a wise idea to put it inside of a folder, or to hide it amongst a group of folders where it would be less likely to be seen. Enjoy hiding!

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