Interview dress code for women and men

What you should ideally have in mind is an attire which shall present you as being a person who has a good dressing sense for that particular occasion. Just imagine if you went to the interview in casual clothing and the remaining candidates assembled there are somewhat conservatively dressed then you could quickly be thinking of leaving the place without appearing for that interview. Thus if any sort of doubt persist then it best advised to conservatively.
Thus we list for you some tips regarding women’s & men’s attire that you would find helpful:
Women’s Interview Attire
  • Avoid carrying a purse; rather use a briefcase or portfolio.
  • Being conservatively dressed is ideal and shoes should have smaller heals.
  • Skirts should extend past the bottom of your fingertips when your arms are by your side.
  • Keep jewelry to a minium. Avoid interesting jewelry pieces that could distract the interviewer.
  • A tidy hair style coupled with minimal perfume & make-up.
  • Wear your makeup conservatively. You are not going to a night club to pick up guys.
Men’s Interview Attire

  • Wear a conservative suit with a tie preferably solid color; avoid a bow.
  • Dark socks, preferably black, with dress shoes.
  • Tidy, well-groomed hair.
  • Fragrant things like cologne, aftershave, hair gels should be kept to a minimal and better off if used very lightly.
  • You should carry all things in a briefcase or portfolio.
  • Wear very limited jewelry. A nice dress watch or no watch at all.

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