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Punctuality: To entertain any thoughts of having a successful interview you should reach there on time. Do not reach there too early; say 30-45 minutes prior to the interview time but 15 odd minutes is fine. In case you have reached sooner than that then its better to wait in an area adjoining the interview hall, relax yourself and prepare for your interview. Supposing you cannot reach there on time or would be unable to attend for any reasons were till then unknown then do make it a point to call them. This way you let them know you take the interview seriously and would contact them.
Frequently Asked Questions
As mentioned earlier, the purpose of an interview is to evaluate your ability to fit-in and contribute to the specific workgroup. We have listed for you some interview tips that will come in handy while you prepare for your interview:

  1. Prepare and over-prepare
  2. Always arrive on time, but too early
  3. Creating a good first impression
  4. Maintain eye contact with the interviewer
  5. If you don’t know admit it
  6. Speak about your strengths with confidence
  7. Speak gently, but loud and clear
  8. Speak about your aim and display enthusiasm
  9. Be Friendly
  10. Think of the interview as your chance to show your skills, experience and abilities
  11. Discuss you aims by co-relating them with the aims of the company
  12. Show that how your weakness can help the company
  13. Make sure you claims match your responses
  14. Prepare questions you would like to ask the interviewer
  15. Thoroughly research about the company
  16. End on a positive note.

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