Making a Good First Impression

Hygiene and Grooming

Even if you are the sartorial embodiment of the perfect candidate, this can let you down. Both female as well as make should be clean-shaven, fingernails spotless & hair neatly cut and clean. Avoid overpowering perfumes and aftershaves – ventilation in the interview room may not be able to cope.
If an overall view is taken then you would be better off dressed as good as anyone, means dressed as good as you can. Thus once you are aware of the environment that prevailing in the company you should dress accordingly but a little smarter. Look out for what the other employees are wearing and go one step smarter.
With The Suit Pick a clean-cut, 3-buttoned classic in subdued colours eg, charcoal grey.Shoulder-enhanced power suit should avoided, more so bright colours.


Wear a smart shirt even if it won’t be too visible under the suit, for females a nice blouse to compliment that suit. If Europe’s largest image consultancy is to be believed then the colour of your shirt shall create a psychological effect on you and the interviewer.Shoes Wear black shoes only, clean & polished.
Grandiose boots on either sex are frowned upon, so are excessively priapic heals.

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