Tips for a Phone Interview

“Describe yourself”
“Why are you leaving your current job”
“What goals have you set for you to achieve in life related to your occupation”
” Why did you opt to choose this field as a career ”
Remember to do the interview in a place that’s completely silent – no eating or drinking.

  • As the phone interview draws to a close update the interviewer about any new credentials that you have on your side that weren’t included on your resume earlier.
  • Strictly avoid using the phone in ‘speaker’ mode – there could be break in voice or even the clarity might be affected thus making the conversation somewhat less pleasurable.
  • Your questions to the interviewer should not include areas like salary, working hours, benefits, security, and commute etc. If you are selected for the final round of interviewing these issues can be addressed adequately then.
  • This no joke, you must do this. Why, because if you are sitting you will unintentionally become relaxed and that will reflect in the manner you answer the question. Stand up erect and you will sound more self confident and dynamic. This also makes you more attentive to the questions that are being put across to you.
  • You must thank the speaker at the end, do not forget to say that you look forward to meet him/her in person. Also ask when you could inquire when you could expect to hear back about the formal interview.

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