What Are Competency Questions

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Here below is a list of some common skills and competencies which you could be asked to demonstrate:

Team Work is foremost ability you should posses.

Compliance Communication Decision Making Creativity and Innovation Decisiveness Delegation External awareness Flexibility Integrity Leadership Problem Solving

Organizational awareness Tenacity & Resilience

Ability To Take Risk Being Sensitive To OthersImportance of the 1st 60 Seconds in Competency Based Interview
The questions asked during a competency interview is quite standardised, but it has been observed many a times that few interviewers would within a minute of the interview beginning shall come to a conclusion whether you fit the job or not and it might have an lasting effect on the final outcome.
Make a concerted effort to create a good impression of yourserlf upon the interviewer from the time you meet them. There are many things like, shaking hands confidently, sporting a smile, introduce yourself as if you enjoy it, also be convivial to the occasion.
Sitting mum and not being forthing coming during the conversations creates a negative image and same goes if you’re boisterous or arrogant. You should try to come across as being outgoing yet polite, having a good balance between being assertive yet not a dictator and complete professional who know himself/herself and knows what you are here for.
Here is an excellent answer to a competency-based question that is testing teamwork as a competence:
Question: “Team work is an integral aspect of our organization. Can you give us an example to prove that you can gel as a team member?”

Answer: “There are numerous examples I could share with you. For instance, while working as a financial at CC Corporation, the company’s procurement team was assigned a task to bid for an overseas order and the analyst who usually helped them on overseas procurement prices was on leave. I was asked to undertake that position and I helped them all through 2 weeks to ensure that quality information was gathered. My suggestions were incorporated with regards to current prevailing prices in that market and we won that bid. I got a promotion for my efforts.

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