XP Fixes For Basic Screen Freezes And Problems

You have been very excited when you first bought your computer. You made sure that you bought the best that your money can buy. So, you got the latest and most expensive computer and you installed Windows XP in it.
For the first few months, you were quiet happy with its performance. Until suddenly, you begin to notice that it’s taking a significant amount of time to open programs or files. You begin to notice that a click on the mouse could trigger a freeze. There are times when your computer would even freeze without any reason. This can be really frustrating especially if the computer tends to freeze and shut down while you’re at the middle of your work. You need to know basic XP fixes to help you deal with the common computer problems.
Causes of Window XP Slow Performance and Freezes
One minute you’re busily typing reports, the next you’re staring at a blue screen. Often, you’d find yourself cursing your computer. The blue screen is often called the Blue Screen of Death. This happens when Windows XP meets up with a system error. This also happens when the computer needs to recover from a serious system error. You could also have the Blue Screen or Death in cases where the operating system fails to recover from a huge error.
Another possible problem that people encounters when using the Internet is the Screen Freeze. The difference between a Screen Freeze and the Blue Screen of Death is that the computer freezes on the page where you’re working. There is no change of solid color to indicate system error. The cause of Screen Freeze is unavailability of RAM. This means that you’d used up your computer’s entire RAM so it has no space left to function.
Everyone also experiences lack of program response. This happens when only one program or two fail to respond to your command but if you click on other programs, the latter would work just fine. This is its difference from Screen Freeze. In Screen Freeze, the entire computer is frozen. It is not in blank blue but it does not respond. All these things require that you know XP fixes to help you deal with the problem without needing to send your computer to professional computer technicians.
Basic XP Fixes for Basic Problems
The Blue Screen of Death is easily solved by some online software. In fact, there are widely known Internet users’ tools for this kind of problem. You can go online and download, make your research. Once you’re satisfied, you can then proceed to downloading the software directly to your computer so you can use it the next time you’re computer attempts a Blue Screen of Death
XP fixes for frozen screens or programs are quite simple. Often, you just need to wait for the computer to recover and to resume its operations. If the computer freeze is mainly limited to a particular program or a couple of programs, you can press Control plus ALT plus Delete so you could cancel the programs running that have gone frozen.

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