XP Slow Boot - How To Speedup Window Startup Windows Tweaks

Are you tired of waiting forever for programs to open? Are you sick of your computer speed? Unfortunately, many people do not know how to deal with a slow computer and do not really know what window speedup tricks they can adopt to change their computer’s performance. There are actually several resources online that could help you and even guide you on how to improve your computer’s speed. Once you learn some of the methods that you can use to speed up your computer’s operations, you will have no problems with Window XP slow performance.
Run Your Disk Scanner
Your disk scanner exists. It’s there! If you haven’t used it, perhaps you should do so right now. This is one of the many ways to ensure window speedup. It is very important that you run your computer’s disk scanner regularly. Never miss a month without running your computer disk if you want o ensure that your computer’s performance is according to your satisfaction.
What’s the importance of my disk scanner? Basically, when you don’t scan your disk regularly, your files are scattered all over your hard drive. Since the computer cannot properly read the files, it would attempt to repeatedly access the file again and again. Because of these redundant attempts, your computer lags or slows down.
Do Not Forget to Run Defragmenter
Most people do not know that they need to run defrag at least once a week. This is especially important if you are using your computer at least two hours a day. If you want to ensure that your Window speedup is up to your satisfaction, make sure that you befriend your disk defragmenter. A file can be literally broken into several pieces and could be scattered all over your hard drive. When you don’t defrag, your computer would need to look for the scattered pieces all over the hard drive if you are opening the tile. When you run defrag, your computer gathers all broken pieces and bring them together so you’d save a lot of space and you?d have faster computer processing.
Close Background Programs
One of the many culprits for Window XP slow performance is your background programs. These are the programs that automatically open when you boot your computer or you start your computer. You may not be necessarily using them but because they are running, they take up space and slow down your computer processing. If you are wondering if you have background programs that are operating, you should check your computers right bottom tray. If there are programs that are open but you are not using, then these may be the culprit for your computer’s slow performance.

Delete Temporary Files

If you are wondering of other possible causes of computer lags and other things that you can do improve window setup, you should check your temporary internet files folder. You may have thousands of files stored in there without you knowing. Deleting these files will certainly assist in window speedup process.

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