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Are you getting good speed with what your ISP delivers to you? If you want to conduct a test then it is far easy to test the speed of your broadband. But there are fewer things that should be noted. You may have an ISP that gives you a promise of higher speed but that is always not necessary. If there is some parts of day when the traffic congestion is there and you are not able to get full speed. So you have to cope up with the situation accordingly. But it is not only your ISP on which the speed of the internet is dependent. The speed of your internet connection is dependent on many things and we will discuss all these aspects in this tutorial.
You need to check the faster internet connection that is offered to you in your local area. These faster mean may be through the fiber internet and cable optic. So initially checking the speed of your internet connection, now you can start with having the ways in, which you can speed up your internet connection.
  • Check out RAM: you need to make sure that you have enough RAM to hold the capacity and speed of your internet connection. If you need faster applications to be opened up, you should close all other applications.
  • Look at the browsers: These days you have flexibility to browse with faster browser such as Mozilla. These are fats speed browser and you can very well use these in your system. If you pick any open source browser then that may lead to slowing down your PC. You can always go for the luxury ones, if you find that speed and RAM are not having any issues.
  • Resetting your Home network: This is another way to speed your internet connection. Many of the time, when you reset to your home network then it increases the chance of your speedy internet connection.
  • Optimization of temporary internet files: this is necessary as these temporary files does helps in improving your internet connection performance. It does through the means that it does not download the same file again and again. Suppose any website has some kind of logo with that then the moment any temporary files recognize the logo, it would not download that. The only time that it starts downloading the same file again is when the logo or the picture changes. You can easily disable the cache. This can be viewed every time you use that page to be downloaded. You can easily disable the cache when you visit the internet options in tools. You can also disable the cache in Firefox too.
  • Be precautions when you use wireless: This is necessary and you must keep a check that if you are using a wireless connection then that should not conflict with either cordless or wireless camera. There are three varieties in, which wireless comes and these are 802.11b, g and n. suppose, you are using 2.4 GHz connectivity through cordless phone then with the same capacity of wireless network, your internet connection speed will also slow down. This is also true with any kind of wireless security cameras that are there. You must check on your camera and phone whenever you get connected through wireless network. Many times, they get conflicted with the wireless and then cause slow speed of internet.
  • Checking with your ISP provider: You have looked upon all aspects of wireless as well as Ethernet mode of internet connection. But, you are not getting good speed of your internet then you should contact ISP provider. This will let you know whether there is some kind of internal issues associated with the computer. Some times, there is issue with the service that your ISP provider is offering you and this leads to bad connection speed. You can let a technician come in and he will let you know the status of your connection and reason for slow internet speed.
  • Standardizing Router equipment as well as firmware: many times, you need to upgrade and standardize your router equipment with latest kind of internet connection. In fact the companies that provide you internet connection upgrade their router equipment and you may not be able to work well with older router equipments. Hence, it is necessary that you should have a good internet connection with standard router equipment. Apart from this, you should also up grade your router firmware too. You can check out the website for your kind of firmware according to the router you have. This can be easily checked on the website of the manufacturer who has provided you with the router.
  • Replacing old cable modem: Gone are the days when you had to use cable modem for your internet connection. This is a fast world, where everything is changing so fast. Hence, you should have a good modem and up to date modem that can provide you best internet connection along with good speed. As the modem gets older, your broadband modem may find it tough to go through the increase and improvement in your connection speed. So try out new mode of modem that will surely help you in giving good internet connection.
  • Close all other applications: many times, you open up such applications on your computer that tend to even slow done your internet connection. It is better to close all unnecessary and unwanted applications. In fact there are also other programs that access your internet and hence this disturbs your internet connection. So try to close all such programs that are hampering your internet connection and its speed. This can be easily done by going in the task manager and delete all those programs and processes that is causing any kind of trouble.
  • Is someone else using your Internet connection: You must check out that no one else should be able to use your internet connection. This is very necessary. Many times, others start using your internet connection and this makes you a hurdle in speed what you are receiving. It is better to keep away from all such things and this can be in control by having a password set with your internet connection. Many people use your internet connection to download many kinds of files. This hampers the speed of internet and hence results in slowing down of system as well as connection too.
  • Download TCP optimizer software: this can be downloaded so that you can speed up and optimize maximum transmission unit of your system. You can find many top quality TCP optimize and these are really helpful in speeding up your system. As soon as you optimize it, you will feel the difference in the speed.
Hence, if you want to get a good and hassle free internet speed then you should follow all the above steps. It really helps you in connecting with your system well and you know how easy it becomes to work when there is good internet connection speed. So make sure that you have done all possible things to get your internet in speedy mode. Even if then your internet connection speed is not fast then you can easily check on with any of the ISP provider who can help you in gaining faster connection. There are many software that are available for checking your internet speed and there is software that helps you to delete all kinds of infections that is making your system go slow.

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