Slowing Computer - Tips for Increasing The Speed of Your PC

Are you saddled with a slowing computer? Does your computer freeze up and stall when you open applications or try to run programs? Then you need to know how to increase the speed of your PC. The following tips will help you to increase your computer speed and enhance your productivity.
Empty Recycle Bin
Your recycle bin contains a host of unwanted Computer files, images and videos. These take up disk space on your PC. The more disk space is used up on your computer, the slower your PC will become. When you delete or move documents and files to the recycle bin on your PC, you haven’t actually got rid of them. You’ve merely stored them in a designated area on your computer. To delete these items completely from your storage space, you have to physically discard them. You can do this by emptying your recycle bin regularly. In this way, you’ll be able to speed up your slowing computer.
Delete Mail Files
If you’ve got plenty of mail in your spam folder or deleted folder in your mailbox, you’re using up space on your computer. Since you won’t need these messages, the best thing to do would be to empty your folder completely. You’ll free up a huge amount of space in your PC. Make sure you clear your unwanted e-mail regularly and keep only necessary messages in your mailbox. In addition, use program to block spam from being delivered to your mailbox. Once you prevent spam from clogging up your mail folders, you have a better chance of speeding up your slowing computer.
Zip Up Files
Data files, documents and images take up a lot of space on your computer. The greater the number of files, the more disk space you’ll need. You can avoid cramming your storage space by zipping up the files. Use a zip application to hold all your related document files in one zip folder. By using a zip folder, you’ll free up disk space because your Computer files are contained within the zip application. Create different zip folders for different file categories. You’ll also find that it’s a lot easier to send multiple documents by email via a zip file than each file separately. It also takes up less storage space in your mailbox.
Unnecessary Programs
Do you have too many programs loading when you start up your computer? This is one of the reasons for a slowing computer. You should immediately end the running of unnecessary programs to free up the memory on your PC. Decide on which programs you don’t need to use each time you start your machine. Now go to the Toolbar in your computer screen and use this option to end those programs you don’t require. Switch off as many programs as possible to free up your RAM.
You can use the tips mentioned above to effectively increase the speed of your slowing computer. Your PC will then run faster and you won’t have to contend with the problems of a slow running computer any longer.

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