Virtual Memory Low How To Increase The Speed of Your Computer

Does your computer display a message that says ‘virtual memory low’? This happens when the disk space that your computer uses to supplement the RAM is practically used up. Your PC needs to use the virtual memory to run such high space storage applications as Microsoft Office and Adobe Reader. When your machine does not have enough RAM or disk space to run these applications, you’ll get a message that indicates the virtual memory on your PC is low. This will result in your machine running slowly.

Freeing Up Space

It’s quite likely that you need to free up disk space on your computer in order to increase the speed of your slow computer. You can do this by checking the amount of free disk space available on your hard disks. Go to ‘My Computer’ on your PC and click on the icon that indicates the hard disk. Determine if your free space is 10% or less, in which case you’ll have to do something to increase it or Windows will continuously display the ‘virtual memory low’ message.
You can start to free up space on your disk by uninstalling programs and applications that you don’t use. Games and videos take up a lot of space and it’s best to get rid of these first of all. Then move on to software which you’ve rarely used and delete these from your system. Remember to de-fragment your computer so your machine will organize files in a systematic manner. The de-fragmenting process will take more than half an hour if you’ve got plenty of files, data, software and applications stored. Once your PC has fully de-fragmented and you’ve also eliminated your unwanted files, the performance of your computer will be immediately enhanced.

Upgrading Hard Disk

If your PC has 256RAM memory, this is not enough to run several applications such as Windows, Microsoft Office and browse the Internet all at once. The RAM will be too full and you’ll get a ‘virtual memory low’ message. You don’t have enough memory available to run the programs and applications at the same time. The virtual memory kicks in by copying the information to your hard disk and freeing up space. This then frees up the RAM to an extent. However, when your computer begins to freeze up and your screen won’t change no matter what you do with your mouse, then it’s time to upgrade your hard disk.
Usually an upgrade to 1 or 2 GB of RAM should be sufficient to speed up the performance of your slow computer. You’ll stop getting the ‘virtual memory low’ message displayed by Windows and your machine won’t freeze up and stall. You can continue working on your PC and enhance your productivity with a larger hard disk space.
Your computer will indicate you need to increase the memory size of your PC by displaying the ‘virtual memory low’ alert. Your applications and programs will run faster when you free up disk space or upgrade the RAM of your computer.

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