Candy Crush Saga trick: No Requests required to go for next stages

Candy Crush Saga trick: No Requests required to go for next stages

This is another android game trick. Busy these days so unable to post something new. I have seen candy crush game is very popular among young generation. Specially in girls side. I have seen many of them cleared almost 180 stages within 3 days. So I tried to play this game and it was really very boring time when it says you have to request your friends to unlock new stages. Every problem have a solution so does candy crush also.

This trick is 100% working tested by me.

Benefits of this using this trick :

You will not have to ask your friends for unlock new stages.
More importantly, Your friends will not get notifications from your side. (I know how I react to that reactions 😀 )
It will save your valuable time

Candy Crush trick →

The trick is very simple. You will not need any screenshot or any procedure to follow. All you need id to have knowledge of how to change time in your android phone.

Yes If you change the date and time of your phone all tasks will be done. Suppose if it says you have to wait for 4 hours then just change the time from current time to 4 hours. You will directly have notifications. :)

Changing date and time will never affect your device.

Note: Change Date and time trick is working for all offline games. In some games like Hayday or Clash of Clans , It doesn’t work because they have server side clock synchronization too.

Thank you

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