5 Best Google Chrome Extensions For SEO And Marketing

Google Chrome is a super fast web browser developed by Google together all of our information. Yes, Google Chrome is the best web browser developed by Google. But there is also some standard quality browser is available in the market, I am talking about Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox. They are probably the best competitor of Google Chrome. All in all, chrome is simple to have a task manager and the best part is they have a large library of extensions and add-ons. These add-ons extensions enhance the browser’s ability to perform additional tasks. So in this article, I will talk about 5 best google chrome extensions for SEO campaign.

List of 5 best google chrome extensions:


 First, we talk about Wappalyzer. To download this go to google Webstore and search for Wappalyzer. When the download is completed you will see it in the address bar.
So what does this extension exactly do? or How it works? The way wappalyzer works is it tells you what a website is using as in their technology, the content management system, programming language and much more. This extension is the best google chrome extensions for webmasters to run an SEO analysis of their competitors.


 MozBar is the best google chrome extensions for SEO analysis. You can do almost everything with this SEO extension. You can check your website’s domain authority(DA), page authority(PA) or even you can check how many links a website have. This is an all in one SEO extension. I have written about this in details, you can check it here:


WhatFont is the best google chrome extensions to find any font type of any website. Finding well-looking font sometimes consume a lot of time, this tool is best for the web developer. It helps to save the valuable time and increase the productivity

Page Analytics by Google:

Page Analytics by Google is also the best google chrome extensions for SEO analysis. To use this extension your website should have Google analytics installed.

Check My Links:

Check My Links Google chrome extension is generally developed for the internet marketer. It is the best google chrome extension for link building. When you are editing a webpage with lots of links then you can check all links with this extension that all links are working fine.
Also Check My Links helps to find broken links, links with 404 returns, 500 returns etc. When you run this extension it will track every link on that web page. You will see valid links are green marked and if the page has any broken links then it is highlighted in red.
The above-mentioned extensions are unique and best google chrome extensions to run SEO analysis and keep track your competitors. These extension saves lots of time and increases our productivity. If you really find this article helpful then comments below, you are always welcome.

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