Best 5 VR Technology Gadgets Available In The Market

Just when you were thinking that the entertainment industry has reached a saturation point, out of nowhere comes VR technology or Virtual Reality to take you off your feet. So much so, modern modes of entertainment like enjoying a 2D movie in a theater or playing the latest Call of Duty game on your PC appears ‘pre-historic’ in comparison to it.

Now, what exactly is this VR technology thing? Isn’t the name itself an oxymoron? How can a thing be both ‘virtual’ and ‘real’ at the same time?
By definition, VR(virtual reality) is a computer generated the simulation of a 3D environment. By this, a person can interact in a seemingly realistic manner using special electronic gadgets. Gadgets like a helmet having a screen inside or a sensor attached glove.
To explain it lucidly, in whatever game you play or whatever image or video you watch you get the feeling of being there and doing the act, unlike the traditional manner where you are just a mere audience of the happenings.

Actually, we perceive anything as reality only when all our senses are able to interact with it in a coherent manner. In other words, when all of the sensory information cumulatively appears as realism to the brain, we deem it to be a reality. VR technology works on this very concept so that you can experience the beauty of the Eiffel Tower or the Taj Mahal, experience a movie as if you are a character in it or play the latest version of Call of Duty as if you are really Sergeant Jones on a covert mission. All this without having to leave your favorite couch and sipping on some great lemonade.

How does VR technology work?

A number of digital instruments such as headsets, gloves, omnidirectional treadmills are utilized to achieve virtual reality. In actual reality, our brain and senses work in a synchronized fashion to give us the feeling of reality. Hence the task at hand for VR is pretty complex as if nothing is off or even a little unrealistic while experiencing VR, our brains would be able to detect it immediately and then the entire thing will go down the drain. Hence VR needs to take into account all the physiological aspects too such as the 180-degree human vision (including the peripheral one), sense of balance and the immersive news factor of the environment. When all these factors would function in a coherent manner only then the user will have a seamless experience.

What are the options available for VR technology?

All kind of options is available depending upon what you want, right from a piece of cardboard to the latest hi-tech. You need to decide based upon your requirements.
The simplest and cheapest of all the alternatives, it is basically a rudimentary VR device. It is created by just folding up a piece of cardboard and fitting in some cheap lenses into it. Tada! It’s that simple. Put your smartphone inside it, bring it closer to your face and enjoy VR! Price: Negligible.

A number of eyebrows were raised when Facebook bought Oculus for a whopping $2 BILLION in 2014. But the farsighted Zuckerberg knew exactly what he was doing as he had successfully deduced that VR was going to be the next big thing. Having all the latest technical specifications and the right sensors, it can track all your head movements and motion trajectories thus rendering a supreme experience. However, it comes with own restriction- it requires the latest gaming PC to work fruitfully. Price: $599.

A good alternative and unlike Oculus does not require a high-end gaming PC to ensure VR experience. Instead, it is entirely compatible with the Playstation 4 already sitting on your table. You just need to buy some ancillary things such as a controller. However, if you compare solely on the basis of graphics, Oculus wins anyday. Price:$399.

Arguably the most realistic of them all, HTC Vive allows you to grab objects and seamlessly walk around in a room thus giving you a rich interactive experience. However this also requires a high-end gaming PC as an intermediary. And also a number of cables need to be connected. You also need a big enough empty room to play games in this. Price: $799

Relatively much cheaper compared to the other ones, it has only one pre-requisite. You should have a latest SAMSUNG smartphone. With a number of sensors, it is decent enough for a number of apps and games such as Anshar Wars 2, Minecraft, Gunjack and others. It also fits in very comfortably thus easing the VR experience for the user. Price $99.

A lot of improvements are still required in vr technology to make it absolutely perfect. And that day isn’t too far. Soon games and movies equipped to handle VR will be coming out in plenty so as to cater to the needs of the growing audience. All entertainment companies need to take cognizance of this and act accordingly or else they will miss out on a huge opportunity. From the users perspective, I have just one thing to say, be ready to be enthralled beyond imagination.

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