Embed Youtube Video In WordPress Site Without Youtube Embed Code

Do you want to embed Youtube video on your WordPress site? Videos can bring more engagement to your website. Sometimes content is not enough to solve a problem more effectively. In this case, videos can do it in a very short span of time, maybe you have to write 500 words article or more to do that same work. If we talk about SEO point of view then videos can increase engagement activity as I said it earlier that means it will reduce the bounce rate. It is beneficial in terms of SEO. So now I hope you have a clear idea why sometimes good to embed youtube video in WordPress site.

Youtube is the world’s largest video hosting platform. It allows any user to host an unlimited number of video files, just you have to follow their guidelines. Once you upload your file it will do everything for you to ready the file, it will compress your file and optimize it, encoding, storing and some allowed customization you can do, like you could upload a custom thumbnail, video description etc.

Previously embed Youtube video in WordPress site was a little bit different. Then you have to copy the Youtube embed code and then paste it to the WordPress site. But now with the change of time, it will become easier.
  • Now you have to just copy the URL of Youtube and paste it to the WordPress editor. WordPress will automatically catch the Youtube embed code and it shows a preview of a video. Paste just a naked URL to the editor just like below [without slash(/)]

You might be thinking about the playlist. The playlist also supports this procedure. Just copy and paste the playlist URL in the text editor, WordPress will automatically catch the Youtube embed code of the playlist. You will see a drop-down menu of the playlist top of the video(left corner).
Here is the screenshot of a playlist:
  • Vimeo is also a popular video hosting site like Youtube. So you might be thinking about it, how to do it? No extra effort is needed to embed Vimeo video on the WordPress site, just follow the previous procedure. Copy and paste the URL wherever you want to display the video in the text editor.
It will Look like this:
So we can easily embed Youtube video in WordPress site without Youtube embed code or without Vimeo embed code. WordPrss’s strong features make our jobs easy.

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