How To Configure MailPoet WordPress Newsletter Plugin Step By Step

MailPoest newsletter plugin for WordPress provides the free email marketing services. Which you can control from your WordPress sites directly. It allows you to add subscription form in the widgets section to manage your subscriber. MailPoet is the absolutely free plugin you can operate a bunch of stuff like managing subscriber, creating a newsletter, send newsletter and also you can do your custom design form. In this WordPress tutorial, we will see how to configure MailPoet WordPress newsletter plugin. You don’t need to install any other plugin to avail this services.
Now we will set up MailPoet newsletter step by step:

MailPoet installation:

Configure MailPoet WordPress newsletter plugin:

MailPoet “Forms” set up:

Signup confirmation settings:

  • After saving the forms click on the “List of forms”
  • Now click on the “Signup conformation” tab
  • Rewrite the default text if you wish to do that
  • Now “Save settings”

“Send with…” set up:

  • Now go to “Send with..” tab
  • Select any one of them “Your own website” or “Third party”
  • Choose delivery method
  • You may check “Test method”. Just click on “Send a test mail” that will send a test mail to your inbox.
  • If do not understand the above settings then leave it default.
  • Save Settings


  • Got to “Advanced” tab
  • Select “Roles and permissions”
  • Set “Reply-to name & email”
  • choose “Bounce Email” if you wish
  • Set up “Subscribers can edit their profile” according to your choice
  • Otherwise, leave it all default
  • Now click on “Save settings”

Configure MailPoet WordPress newsletter plugin Subscribers list:

  • Click on “Subscribers” on the MailPoet panel
  • The go to “Edit Lists” option
  • You will see default list “My first list”. You may delete that default list or edit it.
  • Let us edit this default list and give named it “Smallseoblog Subscribers”
  • Rewrite the “Description” 
  • Now click on “Update list”

Add subscriber manually:

Adding signup forms to the sidebar:

Note: Before going further now at first check the signup form. Go to your website and fill the signup form and click on “Subscribe” button to check the form is working correctly. If the form is working correctly then you will get an email notification from your website in your inbox.

Newsletter configuration:

Add Themes:

Add images:

Set you own styles:

Add social bookmarks:

  • Go to “Content” besides images tab
  • Drag and drop “Social bookmarks” where you want to show your social media links
  • Add your social media links in the given area
  • Choose the social media icon
  • Then click on “Done”

Send preview:

When all set up is completed then its time to check the email configure correctly. So now we will check a preview.

Send the email to the subscriber:

This is the final step and we will configure MailPoet WordPress newsletter plugin. Now, we will send the email to the subscribers. Although if your newsletter is not ready then save it as a draft.
Here is link to a sample newsletter which setup using MailPoet: Sample Newsletter

MailPoet is a great free newsletter services provider. If you have a small subscriber list then free version of MailPoset is good for you, otherwise, go for the premium version. So we configure MailPoet WordPress newsletter plugin correctly, still if you have any doubt regarding newsletter set up mention it in the comment section.

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