About Me

Introvert. Award-winning analyst. Hipster-friendly internet guru. Pop culture evangelist.

 “Hi, my name is Kayo Ko and I am a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania. I have a passion for culinary, cheffing, and healthy food, which I honed through a number of creative idea. I learned a lot more about  online marketing while marketing an eco-friendly water cooler I built for an entrepreneurship class my freshman year. I fell in love with the process of using Adwords to drive traffic to my product and than use data to tweak  copy and improve results. I’d want to learn more about other online marketing channels, like Facebook ads, ad networks, and doing re-targeting. Outside of classes I love rock climbing, exploring the food in Philadelphia and spending time with friends.”

Prior to my current job I was writing about cooking, cheffing and healhy food. Earned praise for selling magma in Suffolk, NY. Had some great experience building sauerkraut with no outside help. Developed several new methods of cooking. Gifted in lecturing about Easter candy in the financial sector. Spent the better part of the 90's licensing UFOs in Salisbury, MD.


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